kelley blue book

KBB is a vehicle valuation and automotive research company that helps buyers & sellers value their car.


Being a car enthusiast, I am an avid user of Kelley Blue Book’s mobile app. I noticed I had difficulty navigating when trying to search for the value of a car. As a conceptual project, I decided to redesign a couple pages and use Protopie to build a prototype.

Tools I used

The Problem

The user interface in Kelley Blue Book’s mobile app is very outdated and is inconsistent with their website. The app also lacks a reliable user flow; most screens did not even have a back button. I conducted a user test where I asked the users to complete a series of tasks. For example, I asked a user to find the value of a specific car model and mark it as one of their favorites. I noticed that many users were confused about the navigation and there was no way to go navigate back if they selected the wrong option.

Kelley Blue Book Old

Ideation and Prototyping

I updated the user interface and added animations and interactions for a more pleasant user experience. I also created a distinct price visualization graphic on the vehicle detail page so that users would be able to compare Kelley Blue Book’s price with the vehicle’s current market value with ease. To solve the navigation issues, I added a simple back button on all the pages.



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