A mobile experience that allows neighbors to easily borrow and lend their items with each other.



The design challenge was to create a mobile experience that would allow neighbors to borrow and lend items with each other.


UX Designer

Research, Prototyping, Interaction, & Visual design


I began by researching apps that featured similar functionalities and focused on their UX, UI, and user flow. I was able to find similarities between the apps, but I really liked how OfferUp made it easy for their users to communicate to sellers with their pre-written message templates.

app logos


As an app user, I want to be able to:

  • borrow an item from my neighbor
  • lend an item to my neighbor

Expectations for a Borrower

As a borrower, the user should be able to find items that are within their proximity - preferably in their neighborhood. The borrower should be able to easily search for and browse items. If they are unable to find a specific item, they should be able to submit a post to advertise their need or send a message to their neighbors to inquire directly.

Expectations for a Lender

As a lender, the user should be able to easily post items to lend to their neighbors. To incentivize lenders to let their neighbors borrow their items for free, they will be given rewards for the number of items they lend and for their overall ratings.

User Personas

As I continued my research, I identified four personas. In the midst of the pandemic lockdown, I was fortunate enough to develop close relationships with my neighbors and based the personas off of them. They all have different needs and goals when using the app.


Problems to Consider

  1. What does the exchange look like when returning an item?
  2. If an item is already being borrowed, can a user request a spot in line?
  3. Assuming there would be more borrowers than lenders, how can the app incentivize lenders to put their items up for free?

User Flows

Borrower Lender

The Solution

Borrower-Solution Lender-Solution


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